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Kleentech Gutter Cleaning Seaford provides an effective gutter cleaning service in Seaford and surrounding areas. Using the latest powerful vacuum equipment unit, our 4400 watts system removes all debris like moss, weeds, stones and silt. We are able to clear gutters up to a height of three stories high quickly and efficiently.

 Gutter Cleaning Seaford

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Our fully trained staff are tidy, friendly and efficient and are always willing to answer any questions you may have concerning your gutters.

Why You Should Get You Gutters Cleaned regularly.

If your gutters are over flowing, it can cause striatal damage to your property. In fact, over flowing & leaking gutters are the most common cause of damp issues in buildings.

Building Insurance

Did you some insurance companies recommend you get your gutter cleaned at part of your routine maintenance plan. If you need to make a claim for water damage, you may refuse a pay out if you can’t prove you have kept up maintenance. Allied Insurance

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Areas we cover:

Seaford BN25

Gutter Cleaning in:



Seven Sisters


Our prices start from just £50 for a small terrace house.

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