Dangers when cleaning gutters

In the UK statistics have revealed that out of 25,000 people who use ladders to clear their roof gutters, approximately 5 will fall. But these figures change through different age groups especially in men over the age of 65, where the figures increase to 16 falls per 25,000. In the UK, figures reveal each year it is likely that close to 5000 people will require hospital treatment because ladders accidents in their homes. In most cases the causes is associated with un-stable positioning and neglect of maintenance.

Concentration when using ladders

When carrying out gutter cleaning, using a ladder will involve climbing up and down frequently while moving along the perimeter of the building. The process also involves carrying several pieces of tools up the ladder, such as a bucket and trowel. Attempting to tackle the job in hand while trying to balancing requires a great deal of concentration, consequently increasing the danger of falling.
It’s recommended that gutters cleaning should be carried out on a regular basis. Open type gutters with over hanging trees need to be cleaned more frequently, as they are prone to accumulate more debris over a short time.
For home owners that lack the confidence to clean their own gutters they should consider using a professional gutter cleaning company.

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